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Duplex Strainers

Tri Ball Duplex Strainer

Standard body vent on top of strainer
makes venting quick and easy.

Should the diverter valve require service, it slides right out the top of the strainer body.

A minimum of parts, easily replaced,
makes service a snap.
Exploded view shows simplicity of design.

The heart of the Tri Ball is the unique flow diverter cartridge that features a patent pending, highly dynamic sealing system on the diverter balls that ensures exceptionally long seat life and positive sealing. The
Tri Ball design works so well that there is no need for manual internal or external ball support adjustments — and the low operating torque means the strainer can be operated with an easy-turn lever handle. A gear box is not needed.

A double sealing system on both the upper and lower stems guards against any possible leakage. Special reinforced polymer seats are used for extended service life.

Should cartridge service become necessary, it's easy to accomplish. Just remove four bolts and the cartridge comes right out through the top of the strainer. There's no need to take the strainer completely apart or to remove it from the line.

The compact, low profile Tri Ball fits into spaces ordinary strainers might not, yet it still uses full-size strainer baskets with a low pressure drop performance.

And, there's a strainer basket for every application. The standard basket is made of Type 316 Stainless Steel; however, if required, Monel is available. Baskets with openings from 3/4" down to 45 microns are offered: choose the best size for your application — with no compromises.

For easy basket servicing there is a 1/4" drain plug on each strainer basket chamber. Additionally, there is an easy-to-access vent valve on top of the strainer body.

Finally, standard foot mounting pads insure a rock solid installation no matter where the strainer is installed.

Available options for the Tri Ball include differential pressure gauges, with or without switches, and magnetic separators installed in the strainer basket for removing fine ferrous particulate matter from the process media.

*Gauges are not available for NPT threaded strainers.


  • Seats are TFE for all materials of construction.
  • Iron, bronze and carbon steel have buna seals and o-rings.
  • Stainless steel has viton seals and o-rings.
  • ONLY the flanged design can be tapped 1/4" NPT at the inlet/outlet for gauge connections
  • ALL strainers have feet for mounting.
  • 4" strainer comes standard with a pressure equalizer assembly - not installed.
  • • 1/4" NPT cover vent taps are standard.

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